• Artist Focus

    as my soul weaves through the branches

    the stones tremble

    music vibrating

    all is energy

    memories, ancestry, all breathing the same air, adding to the spiraling winds


    are nature


    are creature


    are light




    Sky Hoffos is an artist and craftsman with an endless drive to learn and create. His family is of Ukrainian, Scottish, Norwegian, and Aboriginal descent, and have been in Alberta since the early 1900’s. Since before Sky could speak, he was always attracted to the Fiddle, and would always stare at anybody playing one. After years of begging his parents, Sky started fiddle lessons at the age of five years old. 25 years later, with hundreds of performances under his belt, Sky is now the fiddler for the Ukrainian bands Kobzari, and Neech, and has grown an ability to pick up any instrument and learn to play it within minutes. Sky has been a Ukrainian dancer for over 20 years with multiple dance groups and ensembles ranging from a Recreational to a Semi-Professional level, and he has no plans of slowing yet.


    Sky was born with a love for creating and building. He was always painting vibrantly, drawing on his homework, and building bizarre sculptures out of Dido’s old farm equipment parts. He went on to winning many art awards throughout his school years, and diving into a Fine Arts degree in Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture at the U of A. His next Degree in Secondary Education has brought him to his dream position as an Art teacher in Ardrossan, Alberta.


    Sky’s abilities as a blacksmith and leatherworker stemmed from his summers as a Historical Interpreter at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, and has since been a craftsman demonstrator at many cultural events and festivals throughout Western Canada, even guest speaking on the subject at the UofA and multiple cultural dinners and events across Alberta. Sky’s process is forever changing and growing, and you never know where his fingertips will fly next.

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